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Artuex Team

The first steps of our team were taken with 4 people who met in high school in 2013. In the fall of 2014 we were all like, “If we love to play games so much, why not make our own games in the future?” we said. This was our first step towards realizing our gaming dream.

We took action to turn our idea, which remained a mere thought for two years, into reality. After graduating from high school, we started to learn how to do this job by starting to eliminate our missing equipment and technical deficiencies in September 2016. Hüseyin Dur and Semih Şahin together, “How to make a game?” They set out to find the answer to the question. We were just starting to take our first steps on an RTS (Real-time strategy) project, a game genre we love. Bilal Habeş Horoz, who started his career with graphic design a year later, joined our team and changed his career towards character modeling. For some reasons, Burhan Kanat joined our team in the summer of 2018.

We continued to improve ourselves until we met Game Factory in July 2020. After meeting with Game Factory, we gained momentum and started to learn about the industry faster. We grew our team by meeting Emir Furkan Tokkan at Game Factory. After a while, we proved ourselves and qualified to join Games United. In this process, we made very good friendships and valuable teammates, and we started to work with all our strength to steer the game industry in unity and solidarity under the umbrella of Artuex Games.

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DotFour Games

We are a game studio that we established as high school students in August 2020. We started our first work by developing hyper casual games within the Game Factory ecosystem. We gained new experiences in every game we made and our test results started to bring more positive results. We are currently one of the Games United teams and we continue to produce here as well as we can.

We embarked on this adventure as a total of four people in our team, two Game Developers, a 3D Artist and a Sound Designer. In the future, we aimed to take our work to higher levels by adding another Developer and Artist among us. Although we are a team with an average age of fifteen and less experience than other teams at this level, the fact that we all take this job seriously and try to achieve something is one of the biggest factors in our writing this article. The support of our families also has a very important effect on our motivation! I am proud to share our team and workspaces with you.

Emre Piriştine – Founder & Game Developer

Bahadır İyol – Game Developer

Baran Capik – 3D Artist

Hamza Berke Üstünkoç – 3D Artist

Gökhan Zengin – Game Developer

Eser Uzuntaş – Sound Designer

As a team, we are currently working with a focus on mobile games. We have really good goals and plans in mind. Every game we develop, every idea we think about, and every topic we discuss brings a new experience to our team. We believe that we will achieve much greater things in the future thanks to the experience and knowledge we have gained over time.

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Glossy Games

The Glossy Games team consists of two people who have met for about 10 years on the occasion of Metin2; Ömer Cem Karayiğit and Salih… Until 2019, we were only players in the sector. In 2019, an idea for a large-scale mobile game came to my mind and I told Salih why we don’t go into the kitchen anymore. We spent 3 months developing the idea. We matured the idea on paper.

In 2019, we participated in the “future with the game” camp. We got extensive information about the game industry. The camp focused on the Hyper Casual game genre. When I first met Hyper Casual, my reaction was to think that these games were uninteresting. I think it is very natural for someone who has been playing RPG games for years to have this perspective on Hyper Casual.

After the camp, we searched for investors for months, but since we did not have experience and our team number was 2, no one was looking forward to it. We also took the necessary steps to gain experience. Salih was working on KPSS at that time, but eventually KPSS stopped working and we started making our first game, Idle, together. We gained a lot of experience doing it. Then we did freelancer jobs. We received the investment and support of Games United.

Until we got to this position, we made a lot of applications for entrepreneurship. I was getting at least one negative response every day. In general, we made weekly analyzes around questions such as why we get these rejections, what we can do to heal. Instead of focusing on the problem in events, we always look at “how can we find a solution”. We achieved our success with the thought that there was nothing we could not solve until today.

Our future goal is to make a mobile multiplayer game. Our work is moving in that direction. We have very crazy goals. One of our goals is to let the aliens play our game.

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BigPogo Games

BigPogo Games was founded in August 2020 as a start-up within Game Factory to become the Hyper Casual production studio. Our company’s founding partners Baran Can Kulaz and Yağız Gür took with them Yunus Demirel, a successful name who worked in various AAA games in the global game industry, after various trials for 3 months, and increased the Co-Founder staff to 3 people. Then they put their first “All in one simulation” games on the Global Publisher App Store account.

As Pogo, we have experienced many failures, unfinished and collapses since the day we were founded. However, each time we stood up again and said “we are pogo” and finally we got our first investment and valuation from Games United thanks to Game Factory.

Small-Pogo to BigPogo

Our growth process was the period when we said that “we are no longer a startup and we are now officially part of the global gaming industry”. We embarked on a difficult but believed path. We made multiple decisions by trial and error, and we paid the price of these critical decisions by earning 0 ₺ (really zero) for 9 months. When we come to April 2021, we have entered the 1-month period in which we stopped all kinds of production activities (which we call the pause period) after we all took our last breaths financially.

During this time, we made investment requests in various places using our portfolio. And finally, we became a part of the Games United family by receiving the first valuation/investment from Games United with the support of the invaluable Games United CEO Murat Kahraman, Game Factory Operations Officer Erdal Sarı and Game Factory CEO Efe Küçük.

As BigPogo, we produce Hyper Casual and test our games with one of the 10 publishers with the most downloads in the world, according to Sensor Tower data. We have adopted the wagon production model as the production model. Our team consists of a 3-person internal team (co-fo), a 5-person wagon 1 and a 5-person wagon 2. We use Pogo GUI and Pogo Asset Kits in every production wagon to keep our quality standard always high.

Apart from that, the co-fo team is currently developing fiction and competitive analysis on the Adventure/Role Playing story-based casual game for the mobile platform. Our aim in the next 1 year is to start our casual game and to receive the “Google Play Store Game Of The Year” and “Apple App Store Game Of The Year” awards of the year we released our game.

Our long-term goal is to give the users much more of the experience with the spirit of indie and entrepreneurship than the games made by huge companies in the market with huge budgets. We believe that when people do not have enough money, they can use their minds much more and produce creative solutions.

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Hypebive Games

We had the idea of ​​forming a team for a long time. Our dreams started with a simple Math game we made in high school with my other developer friend Erdoğan. At that time, we could not form a team for different reasons, but during the pandemic period, investments in the mobile game industry caught my attention. I noticed that the game studios that received investment produce hyper casual games. I started by prototyping some hyper casual games myself and then I produced my own game. When my game was liked by my friends, “Why don’t I gather a team and do this?” I asked myself and talked to Erdogan. After that speech, we laid the foundations of the team that has worked together until today.

As a team, our goal is to produce games that large audiences will play! We try hyper casual games, considering that the largest user base is on mobile at the moment. Our dreams are to work on bigger games, but right now we are trying to improve ourselves and gain experience as a team. We want to do big projects, big works in the future.

As I mentioned above, we actually did our first project in High School, with my other developer friend. The week we established our team, we started working on new projects. In our first week, we made a good start by developing our first game, and we brought the rest with the games we developed.

In our opinion, the 3 factors that lead to success are perseverance, desire and work… If you have these characteristics, you can start with simple studies and improve yourself by working patiently.

I learned about the Game Factory community through a Discord channel. After a short search of the community, I immediately sent our application. Game Factory played a very important role in making the games we produce quality works and enabled us to develop ourselves even more. In addition to these, we would like to thank them for providing us with their networks and mentorships, as well as many resources.

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Spike Games

About a year ago, I realized that the academy was not for me and that I wanted to fulfill my dream of entering the game industry instead of being an academic. I shared this with my mother and the other member of the team (my brother) Başak Su, who both said they would do everything they could about it.

If I introduce our team; I am Batuhan Arslan (Game Developer), one of the 2 members of the Spike Games team. I have been dealing with software and physics for about 8 years. I am a 2nd year student at Hacettepe University Physics Engineering. The other member of our team is Başak Su Arslan. Başak Su is 13 years old, she has been using Blender actively for 1 year. I am one of the lucky people who had a computer at home when I was born. Naturally, I have always been very good with games and computers, likewise, Başak Su grew up with me with games. Brother and sister, we have always had a deep passion for games.

Just then, I saw the e-mail notification from Game Factory (I don’t remember exactly when and how I applied). I shared this with my mother and Başak Su, my mother said that she could help with the idea and Başak Su said she could help with 3D modeling. My mother’s first idea was a runner game with hook mechanics, we thought it was a good idea and started making it right away. And within 2 days our prototype was ready. We did not know how Game Factory works, so I first wrote to Gökay Duyar, and he said that he could open a team room and share our game with Efe Küçük there. This was the first good news Gökay Duyar gave us. Efe Küçük wanted us to think about how the mechanics of our game work very well, but the hook mechanic is used too much, how we can make it different from the others. This was the beginning of it all!

Developmental Stage

We completed the prototype of our first game in 4 months, the main problem here was the planning, not the software or the design part. We changed our minds 3 times and in the end there was not even a hook mechanic in the game, we were killing the golem with a valkriye, and as we saw what we could do, we added mechanics from other games that were not suitable for hyper-casual (UI from Dead Space, combo system from Devil May Cry). ). At the end of 4 months, we shared the final version of our game with Erdal Sarı, and then he told us about our game that it would not be suitable for hyper casual in this way and that there were changes we had to make. After completing these changes, we shared our game with the publisher, but we received a negative response from the publisher.

In our next games, with the help of Erdal Sarı, we grasped the basics of the hyper casual genre much better. It used to take between 7-10 days for us to launch prototypes. In this process, we prepared 5 prototypes, but these were not approved by the publisher, so we wanted to try a casual game. If this game doesn’t work, we thought we’d go back to hyper-casual. We shared our game idea (a classic vampire villager game, but a wild west themed, multiplayer game) with Erdal Sarı, he said that this game requires a long time, good designs and a team, but if we think we can handle it with 2 people, we should try it.

With an average of 20 hours of work per day for about 1 month, we produced a prototype worth playing with. Then, after playing with our friends, we decided that the theme and some of its mechanics needed to be changed and we put it aside for a long time. Two days later, we got the news of our first investment meeting! After that, Games United was founded and Sezer Türkeli joined Games United. In a short time, we put our 3 prototypes to the test with Games United, now we are progressing much more planned and faster.

Our primary goals are to make a hit game before the end of 2020 and to grow our team to 6 people. Our future goals are to further develop our team into a 2A action/puzzle game.

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Yilko Games

We embarked on an adventurous journey from high school classmates; Yilko Games! After 5 years of private sector experience, I wanted to give my dreams a chance. My name is Kuntay Koca (Level Designer), I am a graduate of Sakarya University, a high mechatronics graduate, and we continued our classmates professionally, which started in high school with Burhan Yıldırım. Our journey to develop a Unity game for two began with Burhan (Game Developer), a senior student at Maltepe University Computer Engineering.

We entered the mobile game industry by establishing the Yilko Games team in September 2020. The first game trial took place on November 26, 2020 and we published it on Google Play. Our goal was to achieve organic growth. However, we realized that the sector does not allow for organic growth. Meanwhile, we started developing our second and first game in the Hyper-Casual genre.

We met Game Factory while we were looking for installers that would accelerate our work and contribute to our development. and we joined its ecosystem in November 2020. Here, with the right support of Game Factory, we learned the Hyper-Casual genre and developed our work and produced new game prototypes.

In April 2021, we took steps towards incorporation with Games United. On May 17, 2021, YILKO Games officially became a company. We continue to produce game prototypes rapidly with our employee number reaching 9 people.

In our team; It consists of 9 people, including 2 3D Artists, 3 Game Developers, 1 Game Designer, 1 Level Designer and 2 Trainee Game Developers whose training we undertake. When choosing our teammates; We take care to have sincere and responsible friends who can provide team unity.

As Yilko Games, our first goal is to make a hit in the Hyper-Casual genre. We will include 3D Artist, Game Developer, Level Designer and Game Designer friends in our team, who will take us one step further by increasing our quality and supporting the development of our Junior teammates. While growing the team, we will definitely include Senior and Junior 3D/2D Animator friends. When we bring our capital to a certain number, we will form a team for the Casual game genre and start making games in this genre as well.

Finding new ideas in company and game development, reaching multiple publishers and having our prototypes tested is challenging for us, where Games United plays a big role and does not leave us alone. It connects us with publishers and mentors us in developing our game ideas. And as every entrepreneur goes through, gaining the trust of our non-entrepreneurial relatives is the point where we get tired the most.

We always move forward by setting short, medium and long-term goals. As we complete our goals, we continue to progress by setting new goals. While we focus on the projects at hand in the short term, we create new game ideas in the medium term and create new projects together with the steps to be followed, and in the long term, we move forward by shaping our plans in the medium and short term by focusing on targets that will enable the transition from Hyper Casual to Casual type and enlarge the team.

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Alwox Games

The Alwox team consists of two people, Deniz Şener (Game Developer) and Türkan Yalçın (3D Artist). We are both fourth year students in the Department of Economics at METU. Our close friendship, which started in the first years, turned into a business friendship through our interest in games and our shared dreams. Our biggest dream has always been to start our own business, work with a creative team and have fun while doing business. When we were in the third year, we realized that the profession we wanted to do was not the workplace where we applied for internship. When we realized that the game industry and game development was our dream, we started to develop ourselves in this field.

We established our team under the name of Alwox Games. After we became interested in Hyper Casual games, we developed our first prototypes in Game Factory. The most important thing that enables us to improve ourselves in this field; We have received feedback and shared resources from Game Factory. One of the most important things that helped us on this journey is; Our goal was to reach experienced people easily and get quick answers to our questions.

We are proud to be involved in the Games United investment process. Bringing our games to professional levels through Game Factory means a lot to our team! We believe that by improving ourselves, we will grow our team and take part in the sector with much better games.