Incubation Centers

Turkey has a proven track record of successful game companies, which have flourished in this fertile land and have grown into renown and respected names globally. We trust in the capacity of the young generation in this country, which has been home to various civilizations in the history, thus forming into the colorful and multi-cultural society today.

To support the young talents to dream and realize their gaming ambitions, Games United started game incubation centers with two prestigious universities in Turkey with the primary focus on mobile games. While pursuing our aggressive growth targets in game and content development, we are committed to contribute to the gaming ecosystem, the local community as well as the economic welfare of the markets that we are active in. We see our pro bono support of the incubation centers as “contribution to the society”.

Through the game incubation center programs, we aim to attract, develop, and grow the teams with great potential into game studious that can produce high-quality content and games and join the gaming ecosystem as quick as possible. The programs support the team in many game-specific areas including ideation, game design, mechanics, development, and publishing. Moreover, the teams are supported further on non-gaming areas such as team building, legal, finance and fundraising.

Arinkom – Games United Game Incubation Center

We have partnered with the prestigious Anadolu University of Turkey in our first program. Anadolu University started the first animation department in Turkey within its prestigious Faculty of Fine Arts and graduates thereof are recognized worldwide for their talent. We are very excited to see this existing expertise transforming into new game studios already. You may consult to the below link on Anadolu University for more information.

Teknopark Izmir – WE4GAME

We have partnered with Izmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü (İYTE) of Turkey in our second program. IYTE is among the top-rated state universities in Turkey with very strong engineering departments supported by a truly international academic staff. We are thrilled to team up with IYTE’s Technopark to develop a game ecosystem in the region. Many participating studios have already proven their capability since the start, most of which are formed by the current students at the campus. You may consult to the below link on Teknopark Izmir for more information.

Game Academy

Following the successful launch of our Game Incubation Program with Anadolu University, we were granted a sizeable fund by the Ministry of Industry and Technology to set up a “Game and Animation Development Center”. The physical infrastructure located in the green campus of Anadolu University will develop into a center of applied education. Those qualified participants will develop stronger skills in game and animation related areas including also newer topics such as AR/VR, motion capture and more broadly metaverse.

We trust that it is our responsibility to support the community and ecosystem development. In that regard, we are committed to run similar programs jointly with our partners for the benefit of the society. We are excited and proud of the support given by the Ministry and our partner Anadolu University.

University Relations

We trust that it is our responsibility to support the community and ecosystem development. It is truly our belief that supporting the young talent already during their academic education is an amazing booster in their early-stage productivity. Therefore, we are fully committed to establish similar incubation center programs with other universities in Turkey for the benefit of the society.